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j'te soutien ! 06/08/2010

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Hey liber !!! 06/08/2010

Et alors ?
J't aime bien liber mais tu devrais mettre un peu'd color dans ta life...

Here comes the time of the ... Laughter and songs? (Question!)
Alas no...
Here's the explanation of the Macron adventure scam.
The people who ruled us knew very well that the Republican Front against the National Front was no longer working. The PS with François Hollande in the lead have nominated all the candidates to put in the running, even Emmanuel Macron. They made him compete outside Primaires by making us believe that he was all new and beautiful, that he did not come from the system and that he did not come from finance. This is not true: Emmanuel Macron worked at Banque Rotschild. On the other hand, you have journalists doing investigations and keeping their information under the elbow. If Juppé had been nominated candidate, they would have swung all they had on Juppé and in fact, they do well whoever they want. Despite everything we can claim, there is indeed a journalistic manipulation! The scam of the primaries does not lie in the fact that we had to pay a Euro for the primaries of the Socialist Party and the Republican Party. No, the scam of these Primaries comes from the fact that they were open to all ! They knew very well that we would put the candidate who would lose in the first round. This is the logic that I had : Which of them would be a candidate while being sure that he would lose in the first round ? At the PS, Valls in the second round Hamon loser, I voted Hamon! To the Republicans Sarkozy or Juppé in the second round, Fillon loses. I voted for Fillon! We are, I think a lot to have had the same idea !
But if !
When I saw Benoit Hamon being the only one to answer the question of trap Laurent Ruquier lowering his eyes: Yes, I will call to vote for Jean Luc Mélenchon if he is in the second round ... I immediately Understood that there was something not clear somewhere.

          They made sink Fillon and drop the PS to make Macron pass!

And here we are neither one nor two with ... Macron !!! The candidate of Finance! The heir of François Hollande!
                                        We got HAVE!

Heir to François Hollande, Macron will continue the same policy at the service of the great employers and finance and his prime minister will be ... Emmanuel Valls ! I guarantee you. In a few months, he would found the first party in France! (By the absorption of the other two!)

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le saint livre d'arctosia 06/08/2010

lucius liber donne des extraits de son roman sur des blogs de plusieurs réseaux.

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Analyse sociétale et pipolitique du monde moderne 06/08/2010



For the time being, this 2017 presidential election was nothing but a huge masquerade. For example, I would keep as a souvenir of the "little candidates" the presence of three buffoons, including a caricature, a counterfeit of Bourvil.
For more than thirty or forty years, the people who govern us have been leading a false, false and archaic policy which has constantly promoted the national front and which will eventually bring it to power if unfortunately no one is aware of it. For example, during the debates of the right and center primary, the female candidate cited two examples of pastry cooks and mechanics. Now, neither the pastry cooks nor the mechanics will ever have the chance to buy an apartment in Miami, a Riad in Morocco or even a property on the azure coast. For now, this election And it is with false bases that our rulers erect erroneous policies.
- Jean-Luc Mélenchon is convinced that our country is not going round because we are governed by careerists from a career brought about by the fifth republic. As if this republic made monarchs all powerful and indefinable.
- Marine Le Pen did not understand that what she denounces is only a cog in what Jean-Luc Mélenchon denounces and what he denounces himself is only a cog in what denounces François Asselineau. The latter denounces all the mechanism that has been put in place to crush us: To bind us prevents us from moving and defending ourselves. To divide the local languages of the children and give them the same value as the national language.
In reality, who can believe that in a small country like France, stuck between two super-giants, the United States and Russia, the people who govern us are not obliged to stroke the backs of the Americans or 'Go and pat on the shoulders of the Russians. The essential difference between Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Benoit Hamon is that the first prefers to caress the Russians, the other, the Americans. But the real Agent of the Russians, as we have seen, is Francois Fillon. This explains why the French media have sunk it. Media like Le Monde, the Point that belong to a few millionaires who themselves are driven by US investment funds. All these billionaires, all the people who govern us at the PS and the Republicans who are going to merge with Macron, all the European Commissioners and all those false economists who claim that we must not escape the Euro and ridicule any Proposal to leave the European Union have actually studied in the United States and are scholarship holders of American foundations. These people are agents of subversion who work for the Americans. All like those who receive the nobel prize of peace ...
Franz-Olivier Giesbert, born January 18, 1949 in Wilmongton, State of Delaware, United States, Franco-American writer.
Emmanuel Macron, General Rapporteur of the Attali Commission for the Liberation of French Growth.
Jacques Attali is one of the people who created a French version of Slate magazine, whose main shareholder is Benjamin de Rotshild via Lampsane Investissement and Financière Vivéris. He is a director of the French broker Kepler Chevreux of the biotechnology company Pharnext.
Vaclav Klaus, a Czech statesman, studied in the United States in 1969.
Antonio Martino participated in the Harkness Fellow of the Commonwealth Fund, which allows him to follow a two-year foundation in Chicago, USA.
Milton Friedman is an American economist and scholar who studied at Rutgers University in New Jersey.
Georges Stigler, born in Seattle, Washington, USA, an American economist who studied at the University of Washington, at the University of Northwestern, at the University of Chicago.
Frank Knight, founder of the first school in Chicago, a prominent figure in the economics department of this university ...
ow can we believe that all these people could have a favorable opinion in favor of France? These people have a favorable opinion of the European Union. Now, the French and the Europeans have never wanted this union which is a shamanism of the Americans ... Many members of the Mount Pelerin Society have created Think Tanks. So Edwin J Feulner is a co-founder of the Heritage Foundation. The foundations Ford and Rockfeller have financially supported the European construction ...
I began to write a text and to write political proposals in 2009. Because everything that happened to us did not suit me well and little by little, fewer and fewer candidates could have my vote, my voice . I keep my proposals on this blog, which will be little by little embellished and modified but know that since, I found my candidate! You will guess, in these videos, easily who it is.
La téléréalité est une certaine forme de voyeurisme. C'est entendu. Tout le monde l'a dit. Mais c'est aussi une façon de vivre la "France d'en haut" par télévision interposée. Et cela, beaucoup de gens l'ont compris. Apart quelques personnes dont le programme cérébral est manifestement grillé, qui n'a pas rêvé d'être connu, d'avoir une meilleure retraîte ou tout simplement de gagner beaucoup plus d'argent ?
Certaines personnes se sont fixées comme objectif, depuis leur plus tendre enfance, de faire partie de cette "France d'en haut." Un certain chef d'état Français ne disait-il pas lorsqu'il était plus jeune, déja, qu'il voudrait-âtre président ? Beaucoup d'appelés et peu d'élus pour cette "France d'en haut" qui se situe quelque part entre la téléréalité et la pipolitique fiction : Les présentateurs font du théâtre, les chanteurs font du cinéma, les politiques et les comiques se marient entre eux... Attention, je ne dénigre pas, au contraire, j'essaye de vous mettre l'eau à la bouche. Dommage que les prooducteur n'en aient que pour les streap-teaseuse et les starlettes du porno... Mais bon, c'est la provocation qui fait recette. Et le scandale ! Certains l'ont compris : On s'invective sur les plateaux de télévision, on tente de se suicider juste avant le lancement d'un album et tout cela n'a pour but que de distraire les Français...

Two ways of understanding the life and destiny of our country exist: Taking up terms that once made their media fortune, that of "France from below" and that of "France from above. " Of Jean Pierre Raffarin and that of Michael Vendetta of the "loosers" and that of the "winners." You should know that the first way is not the right one.
-If you are in the first category, you are going to work for a shabby wage and a miserable rent in a rental for sleep merchants.

-If you are part of the second, you will enrich yourself on the backs of others and be able to make you build a beautiful house.

- If you can not be on the safe side, try at least not to be bad. Because if you position yourself in the first category and you wait after those of the second and well, you may wait long and starve or be exploited. If you at least get to be the boss of your life, that will be good already. In this book, I propose a new version of the future, a near future where the politicians and politicians of this country will no longer serve France, ie major international accounts but the French. In this book, I put forward a set of proposals that will enable the French to evolve towards a better world, that of the "winners from above"

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Analyse du processus électoral 28/10/2010

Here is the reasoning that leads to crises and the reality of their existence. At each election, the same politicians reiterate the same fallacious discourse by wondering why there is more and more abstention. For formerly men and women had fought for the right to vote. In reality, this premise is false. This false postulate leads to an answer that avoids talking about real problems. The real problem is actually asking this question: "Why are people going to vote?" Answer: People will vote by what they fear.

From left to right, afraid of global warming, fear of decay, (ie a backward technological and social, often concomitant to an excess of growth.), Fear of the crisis and fear of foreigners. Political parties seek to keep fear in the hearts of the people and this is what leads them to vote. In reality, it is fear that stimulates people's vote! Except that some people have decided not to be afraid anymore, so they are no longer moving to the polls. Besides, it can go even further, people live very well without a driver's license or without going every three-four mornings to the supermarket. For the electoral process to work, the people who govern us need to plunge us into successive crises. The ethnic and migratory crisis that is taking place before our eyes is a simple example of this and it has been intended. The desire to destabilize various foreign countries and to bring as many as possible from their nationals is intended to create insecurity and we Lead to a safe Europe.

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Concernant la crise et concernant les causes de la crise 16/05/2017


It is this reasoning which leads to the crisis and the reality of its existence. At every election, I see the same politicians who reiterate the same fallacious discourse by wondering why there is more and more abstention. In fact, I also said to myself that in the past, people, men and women, had fought to have the right to vote. But if the starting assumption is false, you get a response that avoids talking about the real problems. The real problem is actually asking this question: "Why are people going to vote?"

Answer: People will vote by what they fear.

From left to right, afraid of global warming, fear of decay, (ie a backward technological and social, often concomitant to an excess of growth.), Fear of the crisis and fear of foreigners. Political parties seek to keep fear in the hearts of the people and this is what leads them to vote. Except that some people have decided not to be afraid anymore, so they are no longer moving to the polls. Moreover, it can even go further, people live very well without having a driver's license, without going every three-four mornings to the supermarket.

-First cause of crisis: The people need social structures to live properly, if you destroy a state by suppressing everything that does. (Courts, hospitals, posts, military service ...) because the dogma of the right says that everything is expensive and you have to save money, you put the country in liquidation and everything collapses, from Part, the crisis.
-Second cause of the crisis: One of the rules of the dogma of the right in addition to the sacrosanct rule of the invisible hand which states the non-interventionism of the state in the economy is liberalism. Liberalism is capitalism without rule, we talk about deregulation. This deregulation brings the bosses and the businessmen to do anything and everything no matter how. The result is a big bazaar that leads to the bankruptcy of the system. Often, these bankruptcies are repeated in cycles and have said that bubbles explode, but these cyclical bankruptcies, when they happen again at too fast pace and in too short a time, lead to a crisis that is neither more nor less than a General bankruptcy of the system. Then, suddenly, to avoid the mistakes of the past, the Liberals all become socialists by magic. (Even better, they are debauchery of the socialist party!) The state intervenes, the banks are bailed out by billions at the expense of the small peiple who growls etc ... This is what happens today and this is what will happen Even if we keep the same and the same political dogmas.

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